Eltern- und Begleittraining
Eltern- und Begleittraining

Parent & companion training

In this training we show parents and accompanying persons how they can safely accompany a certain person with a disability while skiing. Individually and personally we will respond to the respective needs and requirements and teach you how to safely handle the necessary special equipment such as mono skis, bi skis, ski links and accompanying techniques in blind skiing.

This training is possible in all disciplines!

Time1 Unit/day2 Units/day
1 day€ 95,-€ 180,-
2 days€ 190,-€ 360,-
3 days€ 280,-€ 530,-
4 days€ 365,-€ 690,-
5 days€ 445,-€ 830,-
6 days€ 515,-€ 950,-

1 unit lasts 2 hours, 2 units last 4 hours. Prices include 10% VAT, private adaptive skiing instructor & adaptive equipment. To take part in the ski courses, it is necessary to join the association as a member. The membership is concluded for at least one year and amounts to € 30,- / calendar year.

Dates & Course Times

Units take place daily from December to April:

  • 8.30 – 10.30 a.m. and / or
  • 11.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and / or
  • 2.00 – 4.00 p.m.

So that we can make your desired date possible, we ask for early reservation. Especially for dates during the holidays!

Included Services

Inculded Services

  • Professional and individual one-to-one training by qualified adaptive ski instructors for people with disabilities
  • The training is carried out specifically for the person to be accompanied.
  • Necessary special adaptive equipment in different sizes: Sitskis like Mono-Ski (Praschberger, Tessier, Revolution) or Bi-Ski (Bi-Unique, Mountain-Man, Piloted Dualski), Stand Up Outrigger, Ski-Links, …
How it works

How it works!

  • If we do not know the student who is to be looked after, it is advisable to book a ski course with us in advance. In this way we get to know the student’s needs and peculiarities, can determine the best combination of equipment and aids and carry out a more targeted accompanying training.
  • During the training, the accompanying person has the opportunity to test the adaptive equipment himself and can thus gain a better feeling and understanding for the respective discipline.
  • Subsequently, we teach individual tricks and techniques in order to be able to care for the handicapped person safely while skiing. Accompanying person and ski pupil with handicap become a team, the trainer observes only more.
  • The accompanying training for students who ski “Stand-Up” takes at least 2 units.
  • The accompanying training for students who ski in a sitski (Mono-Ski and Bi-Ski) lasts at least 4 units.
  • After successfully completing the training and achieving the necessary skills, you can rent the appropriate equipment from us.

Who is suitable?

Skiers who master parallel turns on red (middle) slopes.

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