Wellnesshotel Schwaigerhof

Wellnesshotel Schwaigerhof****Superior

Three wheelchair accessible rooms:
The bathrooms are equipped with a shower, handles and a shower seat, the washbasins are accessible by wheelchair. A ramp leads from the cellar to the lift, which can be used to reach all floors, the reception and the restaurant. An accessible barrier-free WC is located in the basement of the hotel. There are signposted disabled parking spaces in front of the main entrance. In the wellness area there is a threshold (14cm) to the Finnish sauna and the terrace. Access to the steam bath and the bio sauna is at ground level. To make it easier for people with disabilities to access the swimming pool, there are seating steps.

Logo Schladming Dachstein

Tourism Association Schladming Dachstein

Gladly the tourism federation Schladming Dachstein is helpful to you with the search for suitable accommodations. You can inform yourselves under the number +43 (0)3687/2277722 about accommodations, or you visit the web page www.schladming-dachstein.at.


Jufa Schladming***

Two wheelchair accessible rooms:
These are equipped with handles in bathrooms and WCs. There is a barrier-free WC in the cafe area.

Hotel Almfrieden

Wander- und Langlaufhotel Almfrieden ****

Eight wheelchair accessible rooms:
These are equipped with passable showers and handles. The hotel has a signposted disabled car park right next to the entrance. A freely accessible disabled WC is also available. Partner dogs are also allowed in the hotel. Further benefits: wheelchair-accessible lift, no stairs and steps in restaurant, bar & lobby, special tables for wheelchair users, barrier-free access to the hotel and the sun terrace.

Hotel Moser

Hotel Moser***Superior

Four wheelchair accessible rooms:
The bathrooms are equipped with washbasins that can be driven under and one fold-out shower chair each. The showers are wheelchair accessible. The beds are five centimetres higher than in the standard rooms.


Two handicapped accessible rooms:
Bathrooms and WC´s are handicapped accessible and equipped with a wheelchair accessible shower, handles and a wash basin. The entire hotel, including restaurant and breakfast area, is wheelchair accessible from the garage to the 3rd floor. It has two disabled parking spaces in the underground car park.

Stadthotel Brunner****

Four wheelchair accessible rooms:
Bathrooms and WCs are equipped with handles and shower chairs. The sauna area is also barrier-free. There is a barrier-free toilet in the basement.

Zirngast Tourismusbetriebs GmbH

Two wheelchair accessible rooms:
These are equipped with handholds in bathrooms and WC´s are. The showers are accessible with a wheelchair, also the washbasin is unterfahrbar. Over a ramp one arrives into the hotel and each floor is attainable with the elevator. The lift has Braille keys, two handholds and a mirror. The wellness area can also be reached by wheelchair via the lift. The buffet in the restaurant is positioned at a low height and there is enough space to move with the wheelchair. However, there is no barrier-free WC for restaurant guests.

Sporthotel Royer Schladming

One wheelchair accessible room:
which is equipped with handles in bath and toilet, as well as a shower chair. Unfortunately, the ramp to the entrance of the hotel is very steep and many wheelchair users can only reach the hotel via the underground car park. In the indoor area there is a tennis hall with three courts, a squash hall, fitness room, billiard and table tennis and is accessible via a lift. The hotel also has a signposted disabled car park near the main entrance.

Hotel Erlebniswelt Stocker****

Three wheelchair accessible rooms:
The rooms are equipped with passable showers and shower seats. There are no handholds in the area of the showers. There is no barrier-free WC in the public, accessible part of the hotel. The wellness area can only be used barrier-free to a limited extent.

Hotel-Pension Klemmerhof

Two wheelchair accessible rooms:
The rooms are equipped with sanitary areas specially adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Familie Reiter

One wheelchair accessible apartment:
The bathroom is equipped with a level shower and has handholds for the toilet.


Three wheelchair accessible rooms:
The bathroom is equipped with handles and a shower chair. If required, a bracket can be attached to the ceiling above the WC to make it easier to pull yourself up. The wellness area, which has a barrier-free WC, is also accessible for wheelchair users. Accompanying dogs are welcome in the hotel.

Hotel Winterer

Two “wheelchair-friendly” rooms:
There are 2 mobile handles and 1 shower stool per room. WC and washbasin are wheelchair accessible. The toilet in the restaurant is not wheelchair accessible due to the old building.


Two wheelchair accessible apartments for six people each:
All rooms are wheelchair accessible, generously designed and therefore easy for wheelchair users. The entrance can be reached by a stair lift and there are disabled parking spaces in front of the house. The bed height is 55 cm and can be changed slightly. The beds are accessible by wheelchair to use a lift for the transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. In order to get out of bed more easily, trapezoidal handles can be mounted on the ceiling on request. The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible and equipped with handles and a shower armchair. The wellness area is also completely barrier-free and suitable for wheelchair users. There is a pool lift in the heated indoor swimming pool. For people with a hearing handicap there are deaf suitcases, lightning and vibration alarm clock as well as a telephone with lightning function.


One wheelchair accessible reoom:
This is equipped with handles in the bathroom and WC.

Hotel Timmelbauerhof

One wheelchair accessible room:
The bathroom is equipped with a shower and handles. However, these are missing in the WC.

Hotel Gut Raunerhof

Two wheelchair accessible rooms:
These have a handle in the shower and next to the toilet.