Corona prevention concept leisure PSO / Winter 2020/21

In the following you will get an overview of new regulations regarding Covid-19, which concerns the procedure in our ski school (i.e. office), the procedure of ski lessons and the corresponding formalities as well as the ski students and guests.

Office Leisure PSO
– We kindly ask you to come to the ski units on time and wait for your ski instructor in front of the office door. No more waiting, no more putting on ski boots, no more trying on helmets in the office – we ask you to do this in advance and then wait in front of the office in time for the course to start.
– There should be no party traffic in the office unless absolutely necessary. In exceptional cases, bookings for the next year can be made at the office – but preferably we ask you to do this either by phone or e-mail, or to inform the responsible ski instructor of the new desired date and time.
– If a party traffic is necessary in the office, we kindly ask you to enter ONLY ONE.

Ski lessons/ski units
– For existing customers: we will contact you about 2 – 3 weeks before the start of the course and ask you to inform us about any changes of the ski guest (e.g. height, weight, changes of impairment…). This will keep the form work on site (in front of the office) as short as possible.
– For new customers: You will receive all necessary forms, which have to be filled out and signed, approx. 3 weeks before the start of the course by e-mail from us. We ask you to fill them out in detail and send them back to us so that the ski instructor can get used to the new student and has all the necessary information about the student.

We ask you to really wait for your ski instructor in front of the office – the welcome is always outside.
In exceptional cases a single set-up can take place in the office – during this time no other guest is allowed in the office.
We ask the accompanying persons to keep a distance to our ski instructors.

Ski pupils/guests
– Sick children are not allowed to be brought to the ski course and should be reported sick by phone.
– We strongly recommend that you take out a travel insurance – more information under “Cancellation Insurance General” and “Cancellation Insurance Corona”.